Lost Uniform

I lost my school uniform during the school camp (5-8 Jan 2011). T-shirt size is 34. Pants size is 22.

On 8 Jan about 10 am, at Shines Outdoor, in the hall, where we were told to put our bags.  We were told to change into our uniform, so I took out my uni and was about to go tho the changing room, another student passed by and told me that uniform was not required, and that we could go in whatever attire we were in. So, I put down my uniform on top of my bag and quickly rushed to report to the facilitator at the basketball court. 

At about 11 am, we were told to get our bags and board the bus back to school.  I quickly grabbed my bag and left the hall, which was in chaos. I did not take note if my uniform was in my bag or not. Only when I returned home and unpacked, then I realized that my uniform was missing.

I am appealing to anyone who has seen or taken it by accident, to return it to me.

I thank you, sincerely, in advance.
Kevin Tay

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